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ZERO Waste

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Gasification Energy Plants
ZERO Waste ZERO Landfill & 100% Recycling

Circular Economy – Technology & Funding

37 new Integrated Waste plant & Total Recovery Facility -Zero Waste – Zero Landfill

A $USD $3.33 Billion project for Nigeria to have Thirty-seven waste plants.

ALSET POWER’s partner, Siemens, along with Bio Carbon Fuels offers this proposal to construct in Nigeria Environmental Education Centres to process 18,500 tonnes per day (tpd) of MSW. The Centres will have a Total Recovery Facility® (“TRF®”) inside, which will produce building products and renewable electricity and liquid fuels in the second and third phases of this project.

This project information package is intended to provide Nigeria with information regarding a proposed Environmental Education Centre that will convert MSW and other waste streams into composite building products and clean electricity and renewable on-road transportation fuels (the “Project”).  The systems proposed will initially consume up to 18,500 tpd tons of MSW currently available in the Nigeria. This will eliminate the current practice of landfill saving millions of dollars over current practices. The Project will be scalable to take advantage of future growth opportunities expandable to all the MSW in the including agricultural waste and other various waste streams giving Nigeria 100% reuse and complete recycling with no need for any waste to go to a landfill and reaching the county’s goal of carbon neutral by 2025.

Food production using Carbon Dioxide from our plants

A possible vision for Nigeria…

Our Vision for Lagos – Waste-to-Energy & 100% Recycling, Reuse, Recovery
Zero Waste – ZERO Landfill

Waste is not waste it is a resource with value. ZERO waste means “All” of the MSW is used. There will be shareholding in each plant for the JV company and Lagos Government, who will share in the revenues generated.

Help with Sustainable Waste Management in Lagos with our Twenty-Six new Gasification & Recycling plants there will also be a total of 250 Trucks & 2,500 Gas-powered Rickshaws.

ZERO waste ZERO Landfill – We eliminate the landfill so no waste goes to the landfill in Lagos. The Landfill waste is also mixed with daily waste generated as a mixed feedstock into our plants. Over time the Landfill site is cleared. Renewable Electricity is produced and 100% Recycling of glass, metals, ceramics and ash. Plastic is used in the production of energy.

We are ZERO waste and ZERO landfills. In Nigeria, people generate about 0.44 kg to 0.66 Kg per day each – Lagos Population in 2020 was 21 million x 0.63 Kg/day of MSW per person Producing 13,230 tonnes per day of MSW. For every plant processing 500 tonnes per day of MSW then 335 MWh of electricity is produced.

The 16MW rated waste plant each produces 129,980 MWh each year per plant, Twenty-Six plants 3,379,480 MWh each year.

Alset Power Company Inc (USA) & Siemens (EPC) in negotiations with the Office of the President and Ministries in November 2020 to build the plants. Proven and operational plant in the USA, negotiations & development in Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia ad Bulgaria are under development in Mexico City.

Alset Power Company Inc from the USA are the developer and funder

Siemens will be the EPC company to build the 37 plants – they have built over 1,000 Power Plants Globally

Siemens continually check efficiencies of the plants

Continual monitoring of the plants

Our Syn Gas Turbines – Syn Gas is produced from processing the MSW in our plants

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“ZERO Waste”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“ZERO Landfill”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Circular Economy”

The ultimate aim of the “Zero Waste to Landfill” philosophy is to prevent any waste material (produced within an organisation or Country) being disposed to landfill

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