The best form of funding from the USA Exim Bank USD

$3.33 Billion for Nigeria

Thirty-Seven Waste Plants

80% of funding at an interest rate of US Exim Bank of 1.5% with powerful guarantees Standard Charter Bank London 20% of the funding – total interest rate for funding is 3.7%

The Minister of Finance agrees to sign off the US Exim Bank funding documents prepared by US & Nigeria Exim Bank departments

USA Exim Bank

The best form of funding for Developing Nations – low interest rate. Nigeria does not have to pay this funding back. Alset Power are responsible for repayments made possible from Power Purchase Agreements for the electricity sold to Utility company.

US Exim funding provide 80% @1.5% interest rate. We then arrange with our Standard Charter Bank the remaining 20% funding at 3.7% interest rate.

Standard Charter Bank

The Bank continues to support Environmental projects Globally.

Funding available for Waste plants, Solar Farms & Solar PV

COP 26 Funding

WE can apply for additional funding from our partners at GFANZ.

Access to us for the people of Nigeria to have Solar PV & Solar Farms

Lets go forward together into a Sustainable Circular Economy”