Zero Waste

The 37 new Integrated Waste plants & Total Recovery Facility -Zero Waste – Zero Landfill

ALSET POWER’s partner, Siemens, along with Bio Carbon Fuels offers this proposal to construct in thirty-seven Nigeria Environmental Education Centres to process 18,500 tonnes per day (tpd) of MSW. The Centres will have a Total Recovery Facility® (“TRF®”) inside, which will produce building products and renewable electricity and liquid fuels in the second and third phases of this project.

In order to collect waste from Kisumu and other towns & villages we will provide 250 Heil Trucks and 1,000 Gas-Powered Rickshaws.

Landfill waste will be cleared and used in our new Recycling & Waste-to-Energy plant sited on or close to the Landfill sites in Nigeria.

After years of deposition the % plastic content increases due to organic matter being degraded and we use this in our plants.

We provide Nigeria with information regarding a proposed Environmental Education Centre that will convert MSW and other waste streams into composite building products and clean electricity and renewable on-road transportation fuels (the “Project”). 

MSW, Medical waste & oil sludge can also be processed in our plants

The waste enters the Gasification plant without sorting or separation, all just goes in.
What comes out – Zero waste goes to the landfill sites from our plant as new products are made from the 15 tonnes per day of glass from the plant, ash & ceramics – Circular Economy in action.

100% Recycling of glass, metals, ash & ceramics – New Manufacturing of products, food production using CO2 and building block manufacture on site.

Cleanest Waste-to-Energy


Our technology enables a Circular Economic transition

There’s a world of opportunity  to rethink and redesign the way we make stuff.

100% Recycling of glass, metals, ash & ceramics 

This is not Incineration – it is Gasification – 45% more efficient than Incineration

“Re-Thinking Progress” explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design the way  our economy works – designing products that can be ‘made to be made again’ and powering the system with renewable energy. 250 new trucks provided and 1,000 Gas-powered Rickshaws to increase collection rates in Nigeria

Food production

The End products of this waste in our Gasification & Recycling plant is energy, glass, ceramics, metal and small amount of ash, building blocks for homes and food production.

Recycled products

Glass can be recycled and new manufacturing plants set up to produce new products. Recycled glass can also be mixed with the Ash and cement to make building blocks for new homes

Electricity Generated

To assist COP26 aspiration of Net Zero – our plants produce clean Green electricity – Renewable Energy – each plant produces 129,980 MWh per year – 4.8 GWh each year from all thirty-seven plants

Alset Power Company Inc (USA) are the Developer

project and haver arranged EPC & Funding partners for Nigeria plant.  Will build the plant with – Electrical consumption continues to steadily rise all over the world. Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products and services.  Cleanest Energy generation technology, 45% more efficient than Incineration and also Recycles glass, Metals, Ceramics & Ash.

The most professional installation teams work on this project guaranteeing maximum power output, efficient waste handling and monitoring emissions.  
Power producers, grid operators, power utilities, industrial companies, and municipalities can manage tasks economically and efficiently.  

Alset Power Company Inc (USA) will work with Nigeria Government department that is responsible for waste collection and enhance collection rates throughout Nigeria Cities and then Nigeria counties.

Each plant will need 500 tonnes per day (tpd) of MSW – thirty-seven plants will process 18,500 tpd MSW

Nigeria – Circular Economy

Recycling of glass & metals, plastic is used for electricity production to increase the Renewable Energy generation capacity of Nigeria – Circular Economy – ZERO Waste – ZERO Waste to Landfill. Sustainable Urban & Rural Life.

Below – Transition explained in details – long video…..

Sustainability – Circular Economy

Transition explained in details – long video…..